The effectiveness of Mediter_Men products is ensured by formulas enriched with state of the art compounds acting in synergy with native Mediterranean natural ingredients (Arnica, Limetree and Juniper extracts, Mint Polyphenols) in line with Mediter’s Green Mind philosophy.  

Reforce MEN Densifying Shampoo 10/S

Reforce MEN Densifying Lotion 10/L

Therapy MEN Regulating Shampoo 11/S

Therapy MEN Regulating Lotion 11/L

Therapy MEN Removing Shampoo 12/S

Therapy MEN Removing Lotion 12/L

Shower-Shampoo S/03

Conditioner C/01

Styling Gel G/05

Defining Gel-wax W/04

Defining Fiber-wax W/05