Seward Mediter BIO PERFORMANCE is born, the new Professional line for hair with tested for efficacy organic Extracts. Available in the best salons worldwide.














Technology re-works Mediterranean traditions in targeted solutions for hair care and beauty. Selected natural ingredients native to the Mediterranean basin are combined with state of the art high-tech active compounds. From scientific research come innovative formulas and high-performance professional products that are completely safe and environmentally friendly.



Activator Shampoo 7/S

Filler Mask 7/M

Sealing Fluid 7/L

Detoxifying Tonic 1/T

Fortifying Shampoo 1/S

Fortifying Concentrate 1/L

Fortifying Concentrate 1/L

Soothing Shampoo 9/S

Active Lotion 9/L

Clay Mask 3/M

Balancing Shampoo 3/S1

Balancing Shampoo 3/S2

Peeling Gel 6/P

Purifying Shampoo 6/S1

Purifying Shampoo 6/S2

Purifying Fluid 6/F

Argan Shampoo 13/S

Argan Mask 13/M

Argan Oil 13/O

Argan Spray Mask 13/F

Hydrating Shampoo 5/S

Hydrating Conditioner 5/C

Hydrating Mask 5/M

Hydrating Fluid 5/F

Repair Shampoo 4/S

Olea Mask 4/M

Repair Lotion 4/L

Olea Fluid 4/F

Relax Shampoo 2/S1

Daily Shampoo 2/S2

Volume Shampoo 2/S3

Absolute Conditioner 2/C

Thermo-Active Fluid 2/F

Using formulas that combine natural and high-tech active ingredients, these lines offer effective solutions for the treatment of specific conditions. For beautiful hair with a healthy scalp.

Nutrive Shampoo

500 ml - cod. 0576

Nutrive Mask

500 ml - cod. 0577

Crystal Serum

100 ml - cod. 590

Hydracolor Shampoo

500 ml - cod. 0579

Hydracolor Conditioner

500 ml - cod. 0580

Hydracolor Bi-Phase

200 ml - cod. 587

Hydracolor Bi-Phase

500 ml - cod. 0587

Silver Shampoo

500 ml - cod. 0585

Essential Shampoo

500 ml - cod. 0570

Essential Tonic

12 x 10 ml - cod. 572

Essential Tonic

100 ml - cod. 5710

Purify Shampoo

500 ml - cod. 0573

Balance Shampoo

500 ml - cod. 0574

Purify Tonic

100 ml - cod. 5750
ACTIVElisir is the line of products dedicated to scalp treatments and remedies for scalp blemishes. Thanks to the combined action of its technological and natural active ingredients, it strengthens the capillary structure, guaranteeing a normalising and cleansing action.

NUTRIElisir is the treatment line with targeted nutrition for dry, very dry, damaged and opaque hair. With VELVET-HAIR PERFECTOR and Orchid Extract.

REGENElisir is the innovative treatment with a lifting effect, to beeasily performed at home, with Bio-Tech Hyaluronic Acid and Vegetal Collagen.

ARGANElisir is a treatment line for all hair types that combines the virtues of Argan Oil with the properties of Omegablue® oil.

KERATElisir is the treatment line that regenerates frizzy hair, as it reconstructs hair fiber and restores hair’s original silkiness and shine.With KERADINE-COMPLEX® ,a truly valuable combination of CHERATINE + KERADYN HH.

CHROMElisir is the specific line intended for colored hair and hair with highlights, with high moisturizing, color protective action. With Helio-Complex + Blueberry Extract.

ACTIVElisir Sebum-regulating Shampoo

250ml - cod. 7624

ACTIVElisir Purifying Shampoo

250 ml - cod. 7623

ACTIVElisir Purifying Tonic

100 ml - cod. 7625

ACTIVElisir Adjuvant Shampoo

250 ml - cod. 7621

ACTIVElisir Adjuvant Tonic

12 x10ml - cod. 7622

NUTRIElisir Nourishing Shampoo

250 ml - cod. 757

NUTRIElisir Nourishing Mask

200 ml - cod. 758

NUTRIElisir Nourishing Milk

150 ml - cod. 759

NUTRIElisir Nourishing Oil

50 ml - cod. 761

RegenElisir Lifting Effect Shampoo

250 ml - cod. 774

RegenElisir Lifting Effect Serum

100 ml - cod. 775

RegenElisir Volumizing Spray

150 ml - cod. 776

Chroma Elisir Protective Shampoo

250 ml - cod. 765

Chroma Elisir Protective Treatment

250 ml - cod. 766

Chroma Elisir Protective Mask

250 ml - cod. 767

Chroma Elisir Protective Fluid

200 ml - cod. 768

KeratElisir Shampoo

250 ml - cod. 746

KeratElisir Straightening Serum

125 ml - cod. 748

KeratElisir Styling Fluid

125 ml - cod. 749

KeratElisir Mask

250 ml - cod. 747

Argan Shampoo

250 ml - cod. 738

Argan Oil

100 ml - cod. 737

Argan Mask

250 ml - cod. 739

Argan Spray Mask 10 in 1

150 ml - cod. 712
All Emulpon Salon products combine a marked cosmetic effect with effective action. Three different treatments for different hair types  – moisturizing, nourishing and vitamin-rich – to restore body and shine.

Emulpon Salon Nourishing Shampoo

1000 ml - cod. 811

Emulpon Salon Nourishing Shampoo

5 lt - cod. 0811

Emulpon Salon Nourishing Conditioner

1000 ml - cod. 820

Emulpon Salon Nourishing Conditioner

5 lt - cod. 0820

Emulpon Salon Nourishing Mask

1000 ml - cod. 8210

Emulpon Salon Nourishing Mask

5 lt - cod. 0821

Emulpon Salon Vitaminic Shampoo

1000 ml - cod. 840

Emulpon Salon Vitaminic Shampoo

5 lt - cod. 0840

Emulpon Salon Vitaminic Mask

1000 ml - cod. 8410

Emulpon Salon Vitaminic Mask

5 lt - cod. 0841

Emulpon Salon Hydrating Shampoo

1000 ml - cod. 844

Emulpon Salon Hydrating Shampoo

5 lt - cod. 0844

Emulpon Salon Hydrating Conditioner

1000 ml - cod. 845

Emulpon Salon Hydrating Conditioner

5 lt - cod. 0845

Emulpon Cosmetic Shampoo

10 lt - cod. 507

Emulpon Cosmetic Shampoo

10 lt - cod. 514

Emulpon Conditioner

10 lt - cod. 506