Training programme
for hair stylists 2019

Do you want to make your salon more competitive and efficient, acquire or improve your technical-styling skills? HS Education can help you grow professionally with seminars and workshops targeted to provide you with the best, most complete tools to support your business. Find out about all our courses for hairdressers!

  • Basic Color 1 and 2

    Employees Area/ 2 days COD. S/103

    The aim of the course is to provide the necessary knowledge for carrying out coloring treatments safely in the salon. The basic concepts of color are explained together with the choice of the right products to achieve the desired result.  
    Basic Color 1 and 2
  • Basic Cutting 1 and 2

    Employees Area/ 4 days COD. S/101

    Basic cutting techniques and identification of the most suitable solutions according to the type of hair and the client’s facial features. Presentation of cutting tools and how and when they are used.
    Basic Cutting 1 and 2
  • Blow Dry Styling 1 and 2

    Employees Area/ 2 days COD. S/114

    Blow drying – how to optimize the style and reduce times.
    Blow Dry Styling 1 and 2
  • Fashion Volumes

    Technical Area/1 day COD. S/104

    The most innovative techniques for creating volume and total or partial fashion effects to please even the most demanding clients. The basic concepts of waving and straightening treatments are presented together with the choice of the most suitable products to achieve the desired result.
    Fashion Volumes
  • Color Master

    Technical Area/2 days COD. S/131

    Overview of the theoretical and practical bases needed to carry out proper diagnoses and choices in terms of coloring and decoloring.
    Color Master
  • Color Full Immersion

    Technical Area/2 days COD. S/130

    The complete acquisition of basic theory of coloring techniques.
    - Structure of the hair.
    - Natural hair color.
    - Color and colorimetry theory.
    - Mechanisms of oxidation and chemical composition of products.
    - The different coloring families: from direct coloring to oxidation coloring.
    - Interpreting color.
    Color Full Immersion
  • Top Blonde

    Technical Area / 1 day COD. S/132

    The secrets for better total or partial bleaching, natural or extreme effects, stripping.
    Top Blonde
  • Male Cut

    Fashion-Style Area/ 1 day COD. S/106

    A trip through the world of the male cut. The participants will learn the most-used techniques for male haircuts and the best tools to use. Classic styles and fashions are presented to be able to handle different requests in the salon.
    Male Cut
  • Advanced Female Cut

    Fashion-Style Area/ 2 days COD. S/102

    Advanced knowledge of modern cutting techniques, styling techniques for creating personalized cuts and dynamic, up to date looks on dry hair.
    Advanced Female Cut
  • Fashion Styling

    Fashion-Style Area / 1 day COD. S/126

    New ideas and proposals with the very last fashion novelties concerning styling. On the basis of the fashion trend analysis and the assessment of the celebrities favorite looks, the participant will learn the styling techniques and the use of the most adequate equipments in order to realize them.
    Fashion Styling
  • Fashion Trend Collection

    Fashion-Style Area/ 1 day COD. S/116

    The aim is to put hair stylists in a  position to recreate the fashion ideas in the new collections in their own salon.
    Fashion Trend Collection
  • Upstyles: Techniques

    Fashion-Style Area/ 1 day COD. S/113

    The fundamental techniques for creating a classic or modern upstyle or half upstyle.
    Upstyles: Techniques
  • Bridal Hairstyles

    Fashion-Style Area/ 1 day COD. S/122

    Upstyles, half upstyles, and loose styles Classic, sophisticated, or romantic bride: high volumes, linear bases, or wavy textures. Trendy bride: high volumes or more elaborate bases, important accessories.
    Bridal Hairstyles
  • NEW 2019

    Creative & Artistic Hairstyles

    Fashion-Style Area/ 1 day COD. S/138

    Different fashion volumes and textures are proposed to create hairstyles that make the difference for an alternative woman, who likes to show off. The importance of accessories.
    Creative & Artistic Hairstyles
  • Trendy Hair Styles

    Fashion-Style Area/ 1 day COD. S/133

    The latest trends in young fashion. Examples of updos, semi-updos or semi-loose for a girl wanting to go to her first day or evening parties with a polished image but one totally in line with her young age. 
    Trendy Hair Styles
  • Focus on Treatments

    Care Area/ 1 day COD. S/109

    Presentation of the Mediter treatment line with its special “green mind” philosophy. Following analysis of the condition of the hair, as well as the main anomalies of the scalp and hair, the best salon or home solutions to meet clients’ health and beauty needs will be demonstrated. 
    Focus on Treatments
  • Image Consultancy

    Management Area / 1 day COD. S/134

    Analysis of colors, the shape of the client’s face and her style aimed at an effective client image consultancy.
    Image Consultancy
  • Selling services in the Salon

    Management Area / 1 day COD. S/124

    Sales-oriented communication.
    Steps of the sale.
    Sales as a service to the client.
    Practice and simulations.
    Selling services in the Salon
  • Leadership in Salon

    Management Area / 1 day COD. S/135

    The profile of an effective leader. The basic elements of human resources management. The secrets to getting the best out of colleagues.
    Leadership in Salon
  • Development of Creative Qualities

    Personal Learning Area / 1 day COD. S/136

    Creative thinking can considerably increase everyone’s potential for success, and this is even more important in a profession such as that of the hair stylist.  Thinking and acting creatively means being able to:
    - Improve one’s ability to generate brilliant ideas
    - Develop innovative projects or solutions.
    Development of Creative Qualities
  • From Stress to Wellbeing

    Personal Learning Area / 1 day COD. S/137

    The effects of stress of health, relationships and work. Listening to and recognizing one’s stress levels to act in a suitable way. Integrated activities on the body, ways of thinking and emotions to combat the negative effects of stress and bring psychological wellbeing, self-esteem and lightness. Maintenance: how to foster one’s wellbeing.
    From Stress to Wellbeing
  • Nutrition: Principles for healthy culture

    Personal Learning Area / 1 day COD. S/129

    This course provides knowledge of proper nutrition, clarifying the many myths revolving around human nutrition. During the course, there will be a great amount of interaction between the teacher and students so that each participant can evaluate and, if necessary, correct and improve their usual diet.
    Nutrition: Principles for healthy culture
  • Consulting advice for the customers

    Consulting Area

    These are days planned in the salons where one of our consultants offers customized solutions for the treatment of  scalp and hair problems with Mediter line thanks to the support of MVS analysis system.
    Consulting advice for the customers
  • Helen Seward’s Mondays

    Consulting Area

    We open the doors for meetings on the main activities that are carried out in the salon (Color, Shape, Treatment) to present our products and their performances, to clarify any doubt at every level of knowledge.
    Helen Seward’s Mondays