REHUB+ Specialist is a powerful and professional treatment for the instant repair of damaged hair, with a strengthening and regenerating action. The high performance of REHUB+ Specialist formulas is based on powerful, natural active ingredients that act in progressive combination with KERATINS AND ARGAN OIL.

REHUB+ Specialist allows targeted and immediate action on damaged hair, with deep regeneration through the formation of new internal bonds, transforming the quality and appearance of the hair by sealing the cuticle and split ends, restoring body and integrity for stronger looking hair that’s resistant to breakage and exceptionally soft and shiny. All in just one treatment, in 3 simple steps.


480 ml - cod. 1471


480 ml - cod. 1472


240 ml - cod. 1473
SEALPLEX HAIR DEFENDER is the treatment that allows to perform any type of technical service – coloring, bleaching, permanent waving and straightening – even in the most extreme cases.
With just a few operations and in only two steps, it protects the hair fibre during chemical treatments without compromising the result, prevents any damage and repairs damaged hair, enhancing its strength and fullness.


Kit - cod. 6666
A line of products specifically designed to help professionals offer clients a better, more enjoyable service in the salon.

Protect Oil

200 ml - cod. 807

Color Wipe

100 wipes - cod. 805

Color Cleanser

200ml - cod. 8050
High-performance technological equipment for hair type analysis, appealing packaging solutions and practical work tools – Helen Seward coordinated accessories are the ideal complement for a modern, attractive salon. 

Thermal Clear strips

cod. P/196

Floor Dispay

cod. P/119F

HS Planner

cod. P/0136

Trolley "Jolly"

cod. P/096

Working Station

cod. P/038T

Professional Scale

cod. P/34C

Tube Squeezer

cod. P/61

Nitrile Gloves

cod. P/008

Spatula for highlights

cod. P/143

Assistant Clip

Kit 6 clip - cod. P/0088

Hair Clips

cod. P/007


cod. P/199


cod. P/71

Color Cape

cod. P/35

Measuring Scoop

cod. P/M66

Color Bowl

cod. P/38

Color Brush

cod. P/36

Thermic foils for bleaching

cod. P/198

Single Use Kimono

cod. P/006

Cutting Cape

cod. P/735

Color comb

cod. P/144

Stylist Shirt

cod. P/058

Color Apron

cod. P/37


cod. P/057

IHair Kit

cod. P/108

Cotton Towel black

cod. P/908

Cotton Towel white

cod. P/907

Spunlace Towel

cod. P/828

Mask application kit

cod. P/0531C


cod. P/0795

Pen microscope

cod. P/107

MVS Evolution System

cod. P/1080

Trico Activator

cod. P/0792

Compact Hairblower

cod. P/147

Flat Iron

cod. P/4830

Color System Technical Book

cod. P/41I

Wave&Relax System Technical Book

cod. P/497

Technical Book

cod. P/109


cod. P/622

BBcolor Technical Book

cod. P/038
Helen Seward is also communication!

Fitting the Salon through attractive and practical communications tools is important to better enhance the products and the offered services. Find out our offer and contact us for more information.

Seward Magazine 21

cod. P/15

Collection Poster

cod. P/24

Collection Poster

cod. P/23

CUT&COLOR andstyle

cod. P/22

Roll-up Banner

Fly Banner

Window Banner

Collection Frame

cod. P/0058 - P/059

Collection Frame

cod. P/0058 - P/062

Collection Frame

cod. P/0058 - P/060

Collection Frame

cod. P/0058 - P/061

Collection Video

cod. P/54
Here are the new gift proposals dedicated to hair care and beauty branded Helen Seward: precious ideas that become a captivating tool to give as a present  quality and professionalism.

Find out  all the proposals and contact us for more information.

Christmas Case

cod. P/313

Seward Mediter Body Lotion

100 ml - cod. 1912

Seward Mediter Hand Cream

75 ML - cod. 1219

Beauty Box

cod. P/314


100 ml - cod. 1461

Seward Mediter Travel Pochette

cod. P/4140

Seward Mediter Beauty Case

cod. P/0109





Seward Box HYDRA

Seward Box NUTRIVE