It’s not only face and body skin that need protection against the combined effect of sun, wind and salt; hair can also become damaged, dry, dull and unmanageable. Suncare is a complete line of anti-age sun protection products designed specifically to keep hair shiny and healthy during and after exposure to the sun.
Do you want hydrated, nourished, extraordinarily glossy hair?
Discover Helen Seward exclusive hair sun protection products for summer holiday fun without giving up on beautiful hair!


It’s summer: time for sea, sun and relaxation. Enjoy the sunshine to the full and protect your hair’s beauty with the Seward Mediter BIO-PROTECTION programme, the force of nature just to get pleasure of sun.

Stronger, shinier hair in three steps: prevention, protection and repair, thanks to precious formulas to apply before, during and after exposure to the sun.

Hair in the summer needs protection and treatment. The sun can seriously damage and dehydrate it and age its appearance. So it is essential to use specific products.

SUNElisir ensures:
Total protection during exposure to the sun and an anti-ageing effect, provided by exclusive UVSafe-Complex
Nourishment for the hair after exposure to the sun, thanks to Organic Argan Oil, particularly rich in essential fatty acids
Extraordinary colour luminosity, also at the end of the holiday.